June 17, 2024


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Excellent Outer Game Means Developing Strong Eye Contact

When you first look at a hot woman from a distance or up close, you usually will start your glance looking at her face and then moving your eyes slowly down her body. If that is in fact what you are doing to her, what do you think a girl who is attracted to you is doing with her eyes?

That’s right- she is doing the same thing if she actually is interested in your outer looks. When a girl is only seeing you on the surface, all you have going for you initially is your great outer game, so make sure you are using strong body language and have a sense of fashion style wherever you happen to go on your daily activities.

You need to start looking at women immediately and analyze where their eyes are going to on your body if the happen to be looking in your direction. Are they scanning your body vertically? If so, that’s a great SOA (Sign of Attraction).

And if that is the case, by all means do NOT break eye contact with her. Instead, look straight back at her with the same type of gaze she is giving you. Then smile at her and wave her over to you ASAP.


Now that you’ve got the girl’s attention, you must engage her in an interesting conversation after using one of my great openers, depending on where you are, such as a coffee shop or a nightclub.

Once you have started engaging her, you must look for this great sign that she is wanting to know you much better: the horizontal eye scan. This will be easy for you to detect because the girl will look once at your right eye, then she will look at your left eye.

This type of eye scan is conducted by women when they have found the guy they are talking to incredibly captivating. You should definitely try to escalate the sexual tension with the girl when you see her eyes moving back and forth because this means she is ready for more serious romantic interactions with you.

I would immediately lean in for a kiss without asking her if you can or not, then I would back off like I thought better of it. What you are doing here is teasing her to a very high level, thus increasing the sexual tension to the utmost heights.

To cap this off, having strong eye contact with women means a lot more than just never breaking contact with her first. It also means learning the ability to read a girl’s mind by watching her eye contact with you as well.