May 22, 2024


Get In Fitness

As We Sow Good Seed in the Name of Jesus Christ, Pray for a Strong Spiritual Transformation!

In the spiritual realm, many are quite unaware of the vital importance of the seed we sow day by day. We are sowing seed sometimes even when we do not realise it.

People watch those of us who belong to Jesus Christ and who claim to be born again and baptised with the Holy Spirit and anointed with the Holy Spirit. We sow seed in all kinds of ways.

One lesson we learn from the successful hard working farmer is that he sows the seed and reaps in due season. Paul teaches on this when he writes these powerful letters to young Timothy.

We ignore the laws of sowing and reaping at our peril.

This can be applied to every area of life; finances, health, career, and friendships.

We sow spiritual seed seven days a week and not simply when we attend spiritual gatherings and church meetings, although these are crucially significant, because that is very often where we receive the encouragement and inspiration to continue sowing seed as we remain faithful to Jesus Christ and obedient to His Holy Word.

Almighty God has said that as long as earth endures there will be seedtime and harvest.

Do not be misled. No one makes a fool of God.

Whatever a person sows, he will harvest.

Avoid sowing bad seed.

Avoid sowing criticism and judgment, and be careful with the language which flows from your mouth.

Everything starts as a seed. Our life started as a seed.

Seed is valuable, and seed can be money, praise, time, experience or advice.

Words can be seeds. We plant words in people’s minds. That is why we need to be careful, choosing our words wisely.

Some people can live for a month or more on a word of thanks or a word of sincere genuine encouragement.

Our words can be words of trust or mistrust, or words that build you up, or seek to knock you down.

Nothing happens until a seed is planted. Seed is no use in a sack or packet.

What farmer would buy seed and keep it safe in his barn? When he plants it something great is going to happen.

That is where it can be risky because we cannot see what is happening. This is where faith comes in.

Jesus spoke about His crucified body being buried in the ground but later much fruit would be produced. For 2,000 years that has been ongoing miraculously and supernaturally.

When you have a need, plant some seed.

If a field is bare the farmer does not complain. He does not even pray. He plants seed.

We are taught to plant in the morning, and in the evening, because we never know whether just one planting will be sufficient.

Over these next few days make a deliberate effort to be positive and encouraging and helpful and generous with the praise you give people, and let it be genuine praise and not flattery. And then after these few days pass, continue to ask God to help you to sow seed.

This world is an increasingly dark place where many are afraid of what is going to happen next and people need someone whom they can turn to and trust.

Yes, ask God to guide and to help you and pray that you be filled with the Holy Spirit and watch for lives around you to change and be transformed in some way.

Are we waiting upon God, or is God waiting on us?