June 17, 2024


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What is a Zero Gravity Lounge Chair? An in Depth Look at This New Ergonomic Design

Initially Zero Gravity Lounge Chairs were looked at as a ‘furniture fad’, and were labeled as a piece of furniture with a space age name. However, if you research the benefits of Zero Gravity Chairs, you’ll find that they that will not only provide comfort, but aid in supporting good spine and heart health as well. With the ever increasing health consciousness in our society, zero gravity lounge chairs are a natural addition to any home or office that wants to support a completely healthy lifestyle.

A bit of history – The design and technology used in zero gravity lounge chairs has been inspired from the seats designed by NASA for its astronauts. A zero gravity chair is designed to support the human body and create a sense of comfort and weightlessness. When you sit upright or stand, gravity puts pressure on your spine, your spinal muscles contract and your discs compress. Over time, this stress and the natural process of aging, can contribute to degenerative disc disease (DDD). While the zero gravity lounge chair is not a cure for DDD, it can put you into a reclining position that helps reduce the force on your spine, allows your back muscles to rest and the discs in your back to return to their normal shape and size. Sitting in a reclining position also reduces stress on the heart, increases circulation and can also increase blood oxygen levels.

Zero gravity lounge chairs and outdoor zero gravity recliners can be set up in all places, from backyards to lounge areas in an office. The chairs offered from many manufacturers have been constructed of power coated steel frames and durable, yet soft upholstery to provide maximum comfort.

A Zero Gravity Lounge Chair is a chair that allows you to recline to a position of maximum and even balanced stress relief over the whole body. It elevates your legs below the knees to just above the heart, creating optimal conditions for your cardiovascular system to operate smoothly, as well as to relieve built up pressure in the spinal column.

Many people are turning to the use of Zero Gravity Chairs to help ease back pain and tension- this in turn reduces costly trips to chiropractors and specialists. With this one time investment, you can save on expenses for years to come.

Due to the many different needs and lifestyles of people that use them, the Zero Gravity Lounge Chair has in most cases been designed to adjust to many different settings. Always with maintaining perfect posture and comfort, the Zero Gravity Chairs are ideal for indoor or outdoor use (depending on the style you purchase) and many consumers have testified to the versatility of the chair’s application. From fully reclining and relaxing to sitting back while reading a book to sitting up and working on your lap top computer, the Zero Gravity Chair is an ergonomic chair that will allow for a healthier, more comfortable experience.