May 21, 2024


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TRIZ – Solid Oxidants

The principle of Robust Oxidants is normally utilized as follows:

1. Swap popular air with oxygen-enriched air.

a. i.e. Scuba diving with Nitrox or other non-air mixtures for prolonged stamina

2. Swap enriched air with pure oxygen.

a. i.e. Lower at a increased temperature working with an oxy-acetylene torch

3. Use ionized oxygen

a. i.e. Ionize air to trap pollutants in an air cleaner

4. Change ozonized or ionized oxygen with ozone.

a. i.e. Velocity up chemical reactions by ionizing the gasoline in advance of use

Robust Oxidants fundamentally relates to rising or decreasing the concentration of oxygen in an atmosphere. This lens can be used specially liberally, and does not automatically have to relate to the element of oxygen.

Spark Your Creative imagination

Instead, think about oxygen as an initiative or spark that alterations the setting.

A college student in my course once requested if I was a gamer or if I realized anything about recreation-principle instruction and the ways players design video games. Whilst I know practically nothing about the topic, his principle was fascinating since there is certainly a wonderful deal of similarity between match style and Potent Oxidants. The programmer has to make the video game fascinating to maintain players intrigued in actively playing to the subsequent stage. They also have to make the recreation challenging ample to maintain the player’s awareness nonetheless, the sport are unable to be as well complicated or players will give up and quit playing. There has to be an oxidizing “spark” that keeps gamers intrigued or else the game will fall short.

Guest speakers, seminars, and conferences can also be a potent oxidant. Sending employees off to a conference can spark creativeness and drastically alter the perform surroundings.

The jester from historic times is also an example of a Potent Oxidant. The jester’s principal job was that of a comedian, but the jester was also a war advisor to the king. In fact, the jester was the only individual who was authorized to argue with the generals in entrance of the king. The generals could arrive up with a major grasp system of how to assault the enemy, only for the jester to laugh and say, “Let’s just not demonstrate up for a number of months and permit the troopers starve to death.” (By the way, that prepare has basically been utilised to good success several periods during historical past.) The jester was an oxidant since he was authorized to come in and mix factors up and convey to individuals that their strategy was nuts.

How can you spark creativeness and innovation in your enterprise?