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Tilly Bagshawe Is In Love With Strong Female Characters

Tilly Bagshawe Is In Love With Strong Female Characters

The title After the Darkness from Tilly Bagshawe takes up many elements from the modern day America, especially the fall of the hedge fund company. The question everybody might be asking may be, is Lenny the one responsible, or is it the society which has allowed or facilitated the process? The author Tilly Bagshawe says the society sends mixed signals, and mostly it encourages people to succeed at all costs, it’s only when things go wrong that we get worked about all the negative things.

What Matters More, Success Or Altruism?

Most of us know only about succeeding and more importantly, surviving at all costs, it’s difficult to remove that program (or school of thinking) from that person to make him think altruistically suddenly. Even the author Tilly Bagshawe doesn’t claim to have all the answers, but she believes the true colors of the society are revealed at the time of a crisis, both good and bad. As a novelist, this situation serves her just right.

The Twist in the Tale

Like most successful novels, any popular novel needs its own fair share of despicable villains who provide some much needed twist in the tale. After the Darkness is no different, and the right hand men of Lenny have their own ideas about how things should pan out, but Lenny decides to overlook it all. It happens mostly because he likes them (he is human after all).

Love Strikes Unexpectedly

The fact that Mitch Connors is drawn to Grace, that too at the time when he is expected to bring her to justice, is attributed to the notion that love strikes at most inopportune times. He is attracted towards Grace due to her vulnerability, and he doesn’t believe what is being presented in the press (that she is the one who took all the money) is correct.

A Complete Workaholic

Tilly Bagshawe is not touring during the promotion of the book, since she is writing the next one. But she has decided to promote it online, especially in the readers’ forums. She hopes the book will attract even those readers who have not been exposed to Sidney Sheldon’s writing earlier. She is very productive as a novelist, and she might be working on even three books at the same time, researching one Sidney Sheldon book, writing her own next and preparing a proposal for another – she can be safely described as a complete workaholic, just like Sidney Sheldon.

Slightly More Explicit Novel

Her sister, Louise Bagshawe, is also a bestseller writer, and she doesn’t mind being compared to her sister at all. She confesses her books (Tilly’s) are slightly more sexually explicit, but in the end both of them are trying to write fun stories that they would themselves like to read.