April 23, 2024


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Paneer Open Toast Recipe

The morning breakfast is considered to be by far one of the most important meals of the day. Not only that, a tasty breakfast would make up your entire day. According to a recent survey, it was revealed that most people feel that a tasty breakfast rejuvenates them and they often remain lively for the entire day. Due to this reason, it is very important to have a breakfast, which is both tasty, as well as nutritious. Paneer open toast is a very good option in such a case.

Paneer Open Toast is a very unique recipe. As it is, bread recipes are usually very popular, as they are easy to cook and well as most of the ingredients are easily available. Paneer Open Toast is one such recipe, where the ingredients are easily available and it is easy to cook. It is a great Indian snack cum breakfast meal. You will hardly find anything, which tastes quite as good as a Paneer Open Toast breakfast and is so easy to cook. The dose of Paneer adds zing to an ordinary slice of bread. It also adds nutritious value to the breakfast.

This is a wonderful recipe, which is loved both by kids, as well as adults. It is a very healthy option. These toasts are good source of calcium and fiber. Paneer or Indian cottage cheese carries the goodness of milk and so, you get a lot of nutrition.

2-3 carrots grated
2 onions grated
1/2 cup cabbage chopped fine
1/2 cup spinach chopped, boiled, drained
1 tbsp. corn flour
1/2 tbsp. butter
1/2 tsp pepper
Salt to taste
2 tbsp. cornflakes (cereal)
6 slices wheat or white bread

How to Prepare
1. Take a pan and heat butter in it. Now, add onion, and stir fry for a minute, till the onions turn golden in color.
2. Now, add carrots, cabbage, spinach, salt, pepper, corn flour to it
3. Stir properly, to mix all the ingredients and set aside.
4. Now spread this mixture over the bread slices.
5. After this, crush the cornflakes and sprinkle over the mixture.
6. Sprinkle grated Paneer over these slices.
7. Now, bake these slices in hot oven for five minutes, so that the bread gets crisp.
8. You can cut the slices into triangular shapes, if you wish to do so.

Your Paneer open toast is ready to serve. You can serve it with tomato ketchup. You can also garnish it with coriander leaves. It is an excellent way to start up your day. So, the next time, you are bored of your regular breakfast, you can go for Paneer open toast.