July 20, 2024


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Network Marketing Recruiting – Posture

Network Marketing Recruiting – Posture

In order to be effective when your doing network marketing recruiting, you must have the right posture. First, your probably wondering what I mean when I say posture. No, you can’t automatically recruit people if you sit up straight. It has to do with human nature and how others react when you display the correct posture. Posture includes not only your external appearance, but also your voice tonality, manner of speaking, and outward projection of being calm, cool, collected and confident.

I know that sounds like a lot. And your probably sitting there saying, man I could never do that. Yes, you can. All of these traits can be learned. Part of becoming a good network marketer and master recruiter is self improvement.

People want to follow those that they perceive as being leaders. Have you ever noticed how leaders carry themselves? They are confident, charismatic, charming and they have a certain “posture.”

They are not needy. They don’t beg. When doing network marketing recruiting, they don’t try to sell the prospect anything. They merely offer the prospect an opportunity. Network Marketers with posture, remain detached from the prospects decision. don’t get caught up emotionally when rec. Don’t take it personally. Whether they join the business is of no consequence.

Network Marketers with posture merely collect decisions. Yes, or No. Compare this with how many people run their home based businesses. Harassing family, friends and anyone who comes within three feet of them. They take rejection personally. Signing up people you know is way harder than someone whose looking for an opportunity, not just to help you out because your related. Then they get depressed and drop out. Sound familiar?

Your main focus should be finding out what the prospect is interested in. Why would they be interested in joining your business? In order for them to join, the perceived pleasure they are going to receive must outweigh the pain they are going to suffer when they join your business. I.e. sign up expense, time, being taken out of there normal routines, etc. Find out what they really dream of and they will tell you everything you need to know to recruit them. They must also feel comfortable with your posture as a leader. Most people don’t want to lead, they want to follow.

You are much more likely to be successful in your network marketing recruiting endeavors, if: (1) you have the correct leadership posture; (2) you merely share the opportunity with them instead of trying to sell them; (3) you focus on how you can help them achieve their goals; and (4) as a result of your interactions with them, they feel like you are a leader they can follow.

As I said before, you can learn all of these techniques and improve your network marketing recruiting skill set. Self improvement is very important in network marketing. Finding a mentor to guide you through this is imperative.

Here’s to your Health, Wealth and Success.