June 17, 2024


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Keys to Profiting From Network Marketing – Building Strong Teams

Profiting from network marketing programs proves to be a difficult task for most internet marketers. Most network marketers would agree that two of the most challenging tasks when building a downline is retention and performance of their team. So, what can team members do to confront these challenges?

Choosing the Right Program

The first step in building an effective team actually starts before the marketing begins. Choosing the right program to promote. With the many number of network marketing programs on the internet, how do you choose the right one? Some of the key factors in finding a program that will, later on, help retain and motivate your downline include programs that have effective training as well as popular and promotable products that will actually sell. Avoid programs that charge monthly fees and offer nothing in return. Also, look for programs that have been in business for a long time, and already have large numbers of members. There is a reason these people have stuck with this program and their downlines continue to multiply.

Keys to Building Downlines that Grow

Duplication is essential in building a large team and making serious money on the internet. This can be a very difficult process since most of the people in your downline will be new to internet marketing or have failed in another program. So how can you effectively confront this challenge? Learn from the experts. Some of the most effective network marketers offer continuous training and support for their team. Knowing that there is a real person to help your team on their journey will keep your downline motivated and effective. Continuous communication is necessary to help guide and train your team.

Here are a few ideas that have proven to be effective:

  • First and foremost send everyone on your team an email, ideally within 24 hours of them signing up, welcoming them to your team and offering your support. Members are likely to stay on your team if they know that you are there to help. Be sure, as well, to reply in a timely fashion to their questions when they do ask them. A responsive team leader is essential in network marketing.
  • Set up a website to offer training to supplement the training the program that you are promoting offers. Most network marketing programs offer training that is very general and difficult for the beginning marketer to use to become effective. Offer specific resources for marketing tasks, as well as setting up a marketing schedule each day. If today’s task is to build a linking campaign, offer how to find sites to link to, suggestions on how to write the copy for the link and a few big link directories to get them on their way. This is also a perfect time to suggest that if they don’t have time to do it themselves there are other companies that will provide this service for them, and offer your affiliate links to those sites. Not only have you given them valuable marketing information, but have also made a few dollars on a commission if they decide to purchase your recommended products.
  • Add your team members to your auto responder and send them training tips via email. Publish a weekly newsletter that not only trains your team members, but recognizes their achievements. Everyone loves to be recognized for doing a great job, and seeing others succeed will let those that are not as successful know that there are people that are making money from the program, and not to give up. Most people quit because that just don’t believe that it is possible to make money from their current program.
  • Setup a weekly or monthly conference call. For most of the same reasons as setting up your newsletter, but the interactivity of a phone call will allow members to ask questions and get them through some of their challenges. It will also give team members an opportunity to discuss what is working, what isn’t working, and share their success stories. Again, motivating team members that may currently be struggling
  • Another way to motivate your downline is to offer incentives or contests. Referral contests are common on the internet, and there is a reason why. People love competition, and they love free things. Different things motivate different people, so the right incentive is crucial. Listen to your team and offer incentives that motivate.
  • While these are just a few examples of methods that have been effective, the best way to discover what works for your team is to listen. Listen to their challenges and help them overcome them. Offer this training to the rest of the team, so everyone can learn together from the teams challenges as well as their successes. The key to any effective team is to realize that they are team and together they can be successful.