May 19, 2024


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Kerala Homestay, Bed And Breakfast In Kerala

Travelers are mainly come here for relaxation and to know about India traditions and culture. Home stays not only provide food and accommodation,they also gave a clear idea about Indian culture and Festivals etc.Many of these home stays are in villages so that the customers get more advantage to interact with the villagers. They are also like to learn coconut climbing. Interaction between the locals giving more knowledge about there culture and living style. In these types of areas home stays are better for the travelers.

The customers are very eager to study and watch India traditional arts like mohiniyattam. Bharathanatyam, Thiruvathira and Kathak etc. They are very much impressed with these art forms. Kumarakam Boat traveling and traveling threw Kerala to know and watch the Kerala culture, these are the main attractions in Kerala .Home stays not only given bed and breakfast , also arrange customer traveling plan. That is the main reason the customers are very much satisfied in home staying. In home stays, they treat their customer as a God.

Provides much more freedom for their customers. They are become a part of there journey and the local family gives more support and involvement in there traveling plan and help to arrange that with there knowledge. With there homely support and good knowledge about that place giving more impression to our travelers. When we comparing with the facilities of star hotels home stay is nothing in front of them. Providing a natural and friendly atmosphere is the area where home stay shows much better service than star hotels.

Provides delicious food and given them a chance to study about cookery and giving knowledge about Kerala fashion and dressing styles. customers needs to pay extra amount for these facilities.Home stays also give knowledge about Kerala traditional parts like “kalaripayattu”,and ayurvedha treatment. Many of the traveling guest comes here as families, couples. Home stay provides special arrangement for them for relaxation and enjoyment. In this areas that the home stays now better than star hotels.

Most travelers prefer homes to stay and start there journey threw kerala’s culture. In other words it means these persons, are stay away from home and stay away from there relatives friends, Here the home stay provide homely atmosphere, homely speech, homely interaction with there customers, all in all they will become a part of that home. With all the satisfaction they get back to there country keeping these things in there mind. They always prefer these kind of accommodation is the best one to stay when traveling to Gods own country.