July 20, 2024


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Is TENS Therapy Safe to Use in Old Age?

Is TENS Therapy Safe to Use in Old Age?

Although a doctor should approve any medical procedure, many physicians consider a TENS machine to better option than strong pain medications for elderly patients. Rather than depending on a cocktail of prescription drugs to relieve body pain, the TENS procedure can effectively reduce and even eliminate pain.

What is TENS Treatment?

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. When using a TENS machine, patients apply self-adhesive electrodes to the pain-stricken areas of the body. The electrodes deliver a small amount of electrical stimulation, which affects the nerves that deliver signals of pain to the brain. One TENS treatment can often relieve pain for a few days.

Using TENS for Pain Relief

People who desire instant pain relief can use the TENS procedure to reduce or eliminate pain quickly. It is a great option for elderly individuals who need to take pain medication each day. Pain medication can have a negative effect on the body while a TENS treatment is perfectly safe for most people. Rather than taking a variety of potentially harmful medications people can simply use a TENS machine to deliver electrical pulses to affected areas of the body. Similar treatments have been used for many centuries. Ancient Greeks for example used electric eels to eliminate body pain.

Is TENS Safe for Everyone?

Since TENS treatment involves electrical current that stimulates nerve activity it is not safe for everybody. Certain individuals have adverse reactions from even the slightest electrical pulses. Men or women who have a pacemaker should never use TENS for pain relief because the electric pulses can interfere with the life saving mechanism. Anyone who has a weak heart or a heart defect should not use the machine. People who have seizures should not use TENS because the electrical current may trigger a seizure. When trying any new pain treatment, including TENS, people should consult their doctor to determine whether they are a good candidate. A physician considers a patient’s current health as well as their medical history.

Old Age & TENS Units

In most cases, elderly patients can use the TENS electrical stimulation method to safely reduce or eliminate their pain. Elderly people who no longer want to rely on different pain medications to feel better should consider trying a TENS treatment. The procedure has helped many people eliminate pain so they can complete their daily activities without taking pain medication. The TENS procedure is very simple and provides immediate results.