May 21, 2024


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Iodine and Breastfeeding – Safe Or Dangerous Combo?

Iodine and breastfeeding – both are controversial subjects.  In the world of breastfeeding there is a lot of controversy about what is best for you and your baby, and how long to breastfeed.  The truth of the matter is that, there are some misconceptions regarding the safety of breastfeeding while taking iodine.

If your thyroid hormones are low and you are having trouble losing weight, then there is good reason to believe you need more iodine.  Understanding how your body works is most important when taking any supplement while you are pregnant or nursing. 

Are you struggling to maintain your milk supply even though you are drinking enough water?

Your body needs sufficient amounts of iodine for your milk supply.  This very important element is essential for you and your baby while pregnant and breastfeeding.  Studies have shown that infants you do not have enough iodine in their diets will suffer.  Some will even become mentally handicapped. 

Are you happy with your energy levels?

Your energy levels, metabolism, hair growth, breast milk supply & thyroid function will all benefit from supplementing with iodine. There are few to no side effects to taking too much iodine. Many women who suffer from low milk supply while breastfeeding can tell within a couple days an increase to the milk supply.  If you think you may be seriously deficient, there is a test you can take that will determine how much iodine you need.  If you Google iodine loading test, you will find a couple companies that will help you find out what your iodine levels are and how much iodine you need.