April 23, 2024


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How to Win Over a Strong Willed Man and Get Him to Bend to Your Will! Vital Tips You Need to Know

If you are wondering how to win over a strong willed man then you have to remember one thing. No matter how strong he seems there are always some soft areas that you are unaware of. If you follow some or all the seven tips discussed below winning him over will not be as daunting as it presently seems.

Win him with your soft and gentle attitude
For him to lower his defenses you will have to project a very non-threatening image. Your kind and gentle ways will nudge him to lower his guard and he will not act as hard to get. It will also soften him when he knows that you are in no position to dominate him.

Keep your agenda hidden
You will have to pretend that you have no vested interest in gaining his confidence. Once he gets fooled by this act he will not act defensive with you all the time. This will give you enough chances to see and access his real personality. On the other hand if you push to hard he will only stiffen up and make things worse.

Use the power of love
Even the toughest men in history have melted when confronted by clever women. History is replete with numerous accounts of men that were strong willed but fell to the love and charm of women. Such stories should inspire you. Love can conquer even the biggest and meanest of beasts.

Use tact
Instead of hitting on him directly use tact to gain his confidence. When you show that you are interested in him for other reasons he will begin to accept you as a friend. Once he becomes a friend engage in activities that are not romantic in nature. First try and get into a platonic relationship and then slowly graduate to being his lover.

Now show your feminine side
No matter how platonic your relationship is, you still are a woman and he remains a man. There is bound to be a little sexual tension between the two of you. By doing things that normally girlfriends do, you can turn around your relationship.

Prove him wrong
As and when he takes the bait and falls for you. Make it a point to prove him wrong by being extra nice and understanding. This will ensure he never has the same feelings and will always be smitten by you.

Don’t dictate instead request
When you want to get things done it is always better that you put in a request instead of dictating. The moment you request he will melt like butter and will do as you please.