July 20, 2024


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How to Freeze Waffles and Love Them For Breakfast Through the Week

How to Freeze Waffles and Love Them For Breakfast Through the Week

We really like waffles all over here but on a regular university early morning, I you should not have the time to make up a contemporary batch of waffles. We made use of to depend on keep-purchased frozen waffles in the course of the week and only indulged in the much tastier handmade waffles on the weekends. That is until finally I uncovered how easy it is to freeze and then reheat people waffles.

On the weekend, when you have a great deal of time, make up a large batch of your favourite waffle batter. Bake up the waffles and use the past couple for breakfast with your family members. Allow for the remaining waffles to awesome.

After you’ve got enjoyed your breakfast with the spouse and children, get out a big cookie sheet and line it with wax paper. Lay your cooled leftover waffles on the cookie sheet and adhere it in the freezer. Appear back following about 30 minutes to an hour and see if your waffles are frozen stable.

If they are, get out a big freezer bag and write Waffles as effectively as present-day day on the bag. If you’d like you can also incorporate how many waffles you are including to the bag. Clear away your frozen waffles from the cookie sheet and put them in your freezer bag.

To reduce freezer burn off, be absolutely sure to use a fantastic excellent freezer bag (I choose gallon dimension for these)and squeeze as much air as attainable out of the bag just before you near it. Return the bag to the freezer and repeat layering and freezing cooked waffles on the cookie sheet right up until they are all frozen.

When you are all set to get pleasure from fast selfmade waffles, get a few from the freezer and tick them in your toaster oven. Toast them once or two times until eventually they are warm and golden brown.