June 17, 2024


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Harbour Safety

Safety signs are very important even near the water area. There are quite a lot of things which you need to be careful about. Therefore, these warning signs are extremely necessary to save people’s lives.

These signs would inform the slipway users about all the possible hazards, local water and sea safety conditions, mandatory and also prohibited actions. You have a lot of variety in this and you can choose after deciding which signs are appropriate for your area and should be placed in close proximity to slipways.

Access signs

These signs are in combination of blue and white. This signs comes with either a single panel design or a double panel design. The single panel access sign is the smallest access sign and is used to list a few of the safety concerns along with the image of a small water area. The double paneled style can display large scale maps along with additional safety symbols.

The reminders and safety tips given by these signs are to wear a life jacket when you are at sea. Before entering the water you should always check the weather conditions and the tides of the sea. Checking the fuel and engine power is a must and also it is necessary to carry a VHF radio.

Also, emergency numbers are given on these signs to get instant help from if anything goes wrong or any accident happens.

Reminder signs

This sign remind users of the potential risks of either using the slipway or being at sea. This sign should be fixed in the best suited position at the harbor like at the railing or a wall or even near the washroom.

These signs informs people about the do’s and the don’ts at the harbor for their own safety. They put a bar on the speed limit and anyone chooses not to follow this then they are responsible for any accident which takes place with them.

These signs comes with a clear caption along with one image which makes it quite clear to anyone what they are supposed to do and what they are not supposed to do. Drinking and driving the watercraft is strictly prohibited. Also there are signs in yellow colours which are a warning signals warning people about either the strong currents or asking people to beware of the watercraft.

Daily condition signs

This sign is used to inform everyone about the daily weather condition at the port. This helps everybody to decide if it safe to enter the water areas or not. It is a white wipe board in which you can change the information daily.

Supplement signs

For these single sided signs, you need to use a plate or a tray sign. These signs have a radius corner along with smooth edges, this is extremely important for the safety reasons only if it a plate or a tray sign.

Hence, the warning signs are a must to ensure the harbor safety.