May 22, 2024


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Exercises to Grow Penis – How to Get a Bigger Penis Using Nothing But Your Bare Hands

Perhaps you have heard about the significance of the pubococcygeal muscle into your sexuality. This muscle is largely known to help men sustain an erection and beat premature ejaculation. But there is actually more to this muscle than what’s been floating around.

Near this muscle are two other muscles that also make up a huge component of the male genitalia: the ischiocavernous and bulbocavernous. These two muscles are directly responsible for the enormity of one’s penis. They hold great importance because when stimulated enough, they can add a little more personality to your penis.

So this begs the question: how can you exercise these muscles in order to firm up your member? There are a couple of activities that may work, actually. One of them is the Kegel sit-ups. To do this, simply sit on tiny ball which is of the same size as a tennis ball. The ball should be strategically placed in the space between your anus and scrotum.

Then for a few minutes try to constrict your anus, adding a little pressure just like what you’re doing when you are holding your pee. Each contraction should last for about 7 seconds in order to exercise the ischiocavernous and the bulbocavernous. This exercise would enable your bone shaft to get in shape and be a little buffer.

Another exercise is the hanging towel. To this, sit on a chair near the edge then masturbate in order to bring your penis to full erection. Put a towel over your penis and let all its weight be borne by your penis. Take note that the towel might be a little heavy for your penis to carry, and that’s the main idea.

Contract your muscles in order to allow your penis to withstand all the weight in it. Let the towel stay there for up to 7 seconds. Doing this for several repetitions would develop penile strength and endurance, as well as help it grow a little bit bigger. As your penis is getting used to the weight, wet the towel for to up the level of difficulty.

The next exercise is called the ligament stretch. This simply requires you to grip your penis with two fingers then slowly pull it as the fingers slides towards the head. It is important to not apply too much pressure to avoid tearing the tissues inside. You must not pull to hard as well for the same reason. Make sure your penis is slightly limp when doing this.

There are other exercises that would be beneficial to your penis shape but the most important thing is to physically active so that you will have the much needed energy when having intercourse with your partner.