June 17, 2024


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Diseases Caused by Carbohydrates

When cells reach a point where there not responding to insulin action or the pancreas does not secrete enough insulin for his activities, the individual will become diabetic.

Medical world is already worried about the current generation of teenagers, and many doctors say there is already a diabetic line of demarcation between the quantity of sweets and soft drinks that people consume. Closely related to diabetes is obesity, which is closely linked with cardiovascular disease.

Diseases caused by carbohydrates
Thus, high carbohydrate foods are foods that have a high glycemic index and increase the risk of diabetes, obesity and even heart disease. These diseases tend to occur only at high levels of insulin resistance.

Signs of insulin resistance

1. Fatigue
Is directly associated with insulin resistance. If you feel tired and lacking energy all day, or in parts of the day, is likely to suffer from fatigue.

2. Disorganization
Poor memory and lack of concentration are signs of insulin resistance.

3. Bloating
Intestinal gas is produced by fermentation of bacteria that feed on carbohydrates.

4. Drowsiness
Most people feel sleepy after eating finish, and this often happens after you ate pasta.

5. Depression
Carbohydrates are “depressed” natural, and very many people who suffer from depression also shows insulin resistance.

6. Cancer
When certain carbohydrates are boiled or fried (usually potatoes) produce high amounts of acrylamide, a substance that causes cancer.

7. Encourage growth of “harmful bacteria”
And fermentative bacteria love sugar, so eating more foods containing sugar (even fruit juice) cause bacterial growth. This situation can cause intestinal infections and difficult breathing.

8. Weakens the immune system
Foods high in sugar can damage the immune system functions by 50% for 3 hours.

9. Hair loss
Also, foods high in sugar can lead to inflammation of the scalp, causing the body to attack hair follicles as an autoimmune response. This situation often appears as a “scalp pain”, followed by hair lost.

Other side effects caused by carbohydrates
* Affect teeth and gums;
* Increased blood pressure;
* Diabetes;
* Obesity;
* Cardiovascular disease.

These effects are associated with consumption of foods containing high amounts of carbohydrates, or foods with high glycemic index.

Zero carb diet is indicated?

There are a lot of discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of eating carbohydrates. Some people believe that they bring many negative health effects and should be completely removed from the diet daily.