April 23, 2024


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Deep Voices – Advantages You Can Enjoy If You Have A Deep, Strong And Sexy Voice Quality

Over the past few years, there have been so many researches on what actually gets a woman’s attention. You will be surprised to know that voice quality proved to be one of the best things that attracts women! Voice quality (deep, strong and sexy) comes well ahead of physical looks and attractiveness.

To be candid with you, I have always known that deep voices attract women, but I have never known the degree to which this happens, so the results of such researches usually come as a shock to me. So as you might already have know, there are many advantages of having a deep voice: you get more female attention.

It is true that not everyone can have a good sounding voice. It is also true that not everyone can look good physically, hoverer what if you could actually change your voice tone and make it a little bit deeper and sexier? Would this deeper voice quality be of any help to you? With the result of the research on deep voice I mention above, the answer to this question is obvious, especially if you are a guy that wants more self-confidence and want to pick up girls easily.

There are many more advantages for having a good deep voice tone, besides the fact that they can get more girls – which to me may not motivate many to try improving their voice quality; there are also psychological advantages to getting a deeper voice tone. It has also been proven that people with such a voice tone turn to have more self confidence and do better professionally. These might not necessary be the case in all circumstances, however, guess what I am trying to say here is that having a good voice quality might just open more doors in your life and enable you leave a more fruitful life.

Yes, a deep voice is great to have, but not everyone was gifted with such a natural good voice quality, and not everyone will be able to change their voice tone. However there are few things you can do to change (improve and enhance) your voice tone and make it sound better. There are many voice training guides on the net which you can get to learn how to develop the tone of that would be appealing. But before you get any of these guides and start using it, I will have to say this: If your voice is not actually giving you any trouble, then there might be no need to try deepening. You should only do it if you think your voice is affecting your full enjoyment of life.