April 23, 2024


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Deep Voice Exercises – Exercises That Will Give You A Deep, Strong And Sexy Voice Tone

There are a couple of deep voice exercises you can use to naturally deepen your voice and make it sound more attractive. Your voice is a great tool you can always use to your advantage if you know how to do it. It has been proven time and again that a deep voice turn to command more respect, attract more women and also, people with deep voices turn to have more self-confidence and an overall better enjoyment of life.

With all these advantages, one can not actually doubt whey more and more people in our society today are looking for various ways and effective Deep Voice Exercises That Will Give them A Deep, Strong And Sexy Voice Tone.

If you want to deepen your voice, then there’s a little bit you can do. You see; your voice range is determined by your voice box, so there are physical limitations on how deep you can sing/speak. But there are exercises you can do to maximize your vocal range.

Though many might say it is counter-intuitive, one way to deepen your voice is by singing high pitches. Start with a low note that’s comfortably within your vocal range, and start singing your way up the scale. I usually use a pattern of starting note–next note higher–next note higher–next note higher–next note higher–back down one note–back down one note–back down one note–back to starting note.

Then I raise the starting note by one pitch. I do this to a major scale, usually accompanying myself with guitar or piano. I keep going up the scale until I get to where my voice starts breaking up, then work my way back down. (I sing “Mom-my made me mash my M&M’s” while doing this.)

While doing this deep voice exercise, try to keep an open “yawning” feel in your throat. After a couple of weeks, you will be able to reach both lower and higher notes as your vocal chords strengthen and learn how to relax. However, if you have a naturally high voice, you still won’t be able to sound like Johnny Cash. You might be able to speak/sing 4 or 5 notes lower than normal after a while.

There are many more deep voice exercises you can try out; and also there are deep voice training course which sell online. If some of these free tips you get do not help, you can get one of these guides and try out some of the professional l recommendations in it.