May 19, 2024


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Courses on Health and Safety Training

Imparting basic health and safety training has become very essential as the death toll and casualties because of accidents at the workplace is increasing at a very rapid rate. According to reports, around 200 people die and over one million get injured, all over the world, each year because of work related accidents or illness, especially the staff working in the manual handling departments. So, it has become a key priority of employers to prevent ill health and injury, caused by work, of their employees.

Advantages Of Health And Safety Training

* The employees don’t get injured or sick because of their work.
* It develops a healthy and safe environment at the workplace and makes healthy and safe living second nature to the employees.
* It helps in avoiding the financial costs and losses that you have to pay as a result of your employees getting sick at work or because of it.

Courses available:

There are many agencies in the market that provide training in various health and safety courses, the biggest of them being IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health). Founded in 1945, this chartered body has more than 37,000 members and is a pioneer in setting up standards and support groups in this field. They offer resources and guidance for health and safety training which can be implemented through in-house trainers, external trainers, or through public courses, e-learning, and distance learning. Apart from offering training for businesses, they also provide training for schools and run campaigns in this field. According to statistics, more that 120,000 individuals take IOSH health and safety course every year.

Site Management Safety Training Scheme or SMSTS is another health and safety course that was devised to assist site managers. The course was aimed at developing knowledge, creating awareness and understanding of legal, moral and social responsibilities by the managers in terms of health, safety and welfare on their respective construction sites. In recent times, it has come to be regarded as the most respected qualification for people aspiring to be in management positions, especially in the construction sector.

Another course that was introduced alongside SMSTS was a two-day Site Management Training Scheme Supervisor’s Course or SSSTS. The latter course is aimed at first time managers who were just about to receive supervisory powers and responsibilities.

It is also imperative that all organisations impart basic first aid training to all of their employees. These first aid courses help in case of any accident, illness or injury by providing medical intervention till professional help arrives. A first aid course generally consists of a series of simple techniques that any individual can be trained to perform. There are basically two main courses – Emergency First Aid at Work (a one day course that covers the basics such as cardiac arrest and severe bleeding) and First Aid at Work (a three-day course covering the full spectrum of first aid).

So, get started and find out about the agencies offering health and safety training in your area so that you can get your employees certified and work without tension.