April 25, 2024


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Cancer Hospital in Gurgaon Offers One Stop Solution for All Cancer Patients

Mr Vivek Kohli never knew in his lifetime that at such a young age he will say good bye to this beautiful world. He left behind him two beautiful little daughters, a caring and loving wife and elderly parents who always with pride used to discuss about Vivek’s bravery, courage and generosity. Mr Vivek was a yes man for all his friends and relatives. A well-built man in his early forties, Vivek was experiencing some wound in his right lower cheek.

He had consulted a local doctor and was treated for a small injury. A regular badminton player, Vivek was never satisfied with the early treatment of his wound from a local doctor. The wound was expanding gradually and Vivek had started suspecting it as something serious. One day his younger brother took him to a senior doctor, and meeting the new doctor was an eye opener as it made them realize the seriousness of the situation. Both brothers felt l like everything has been ruined and destroyed forever in their lives.

The doctor had advised them to meet a cancer specialist. Vivek also doubted his wound as an early sign of a cancer disease. After consulting several doctors in multiple cities, they reached Delhi. Reaching in the capital city, their search for specialist doctors started afresh. Sometimes searching cancer hospital in Gurgaon and sometimes inquiring about Oncology experts in Delhi, they spent their initial few weeks. Vivek’s cancer wound was expanding its base and so his situation was getting worse gradually.

Though Vivek’s treatment started in a hospital but his family was never satisfied with it. They kept on inquiring about other experts and hospitals. Finding a suitable expert doctor is so complicated that even after few months of treatment their search for even alternate healthcare options continued.

Knowing the fast modernization of millennium city Gurgaon, they expected to get desired Oncology hospital in Gurgaon. Vivek’s family had already wasted enough time in their initial search. During this period Vivek’s situation became quite worse and it did not seem possible for him to recover from any kind of medicine and treatment. Even surgery never looked feasible considering the stage cancer has reached.

Doctors advised his relatives to take him to his home town so that in his last days at least the entire relatives could be near him and he can have the comfort of being around known faces.

There are many Viveks in our society who face such situation in their lives. They succumb to life threatening diseases as they fail to reach to an expert doctor and oncologist who is credited with treating several serious patients. Never be like late Mr Vivek Kohli whose family members still repent and think why they failed to search right cancer hospital in Gurgaon and Delhi where healthcare sector has experienced some unprecedented boost in the recent years.

Life is very precious. Never waste your valuable time in the initial days if you are diagnosed with some life-threatening health issues. Once you reach to a right doctor or a healthcare center, half of your problem itself gets resolved. Be smart and be sensible. Wish you a wonderful life full of health, wealth and happiness!!