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A Mother’s Day Breakfast, Brunch, Tea Party or Dinner

A Mother’s Day Breakfast, Brunch, Tea Party or Dinner

Sunday, May 8, 2011 a most important day. Here in America each year a Sunday in the month of May is set as the date we honor our mothers. While we hope that each and every day mothers are appreciated, May 8th is the day she will be pampered by her children and others who care about her. Many will opt to go out to a tea room for an afternoon tea. Others will brave the crowds and take mom out to dinner. Any time of the day even breakfast or brunch gives us the opportunity to give mom the day off (no cooking allowed).

It is often hard to get mom to let others wait on her. They are so used to taking care of and not being taken care of. This one day of the year most mothers will reluctantly allow her children to pamper her. Children who do not live near will make sure to call and let her know how much they love and appreciate her. She may receive flowers or other gifts on her special day. The most important gift to any mother though, in my opinion is being contacted by your child if they do not live close by even if it is just a two minute conversation. “I love you Mom” that’s all it takes to make her smile.

While families come in all sizes, some small and some large, it is important to let the mothers of the US and in fact the world have a day to be pampered and appreciated. Take her to her favorite tea shop if your party is small. Host a tea at home if the family needs more space. As the years go by some of those children grow up to become mothers themselves, and then the party gets bigger.

Mothers are often the glue that keeps the family together. Home is considered by adult children to be where their mother is, especially if she still lives in the family home. A mom will often feel best when all the family gathers to her own house to observe this special day. However, if this is what the larger family decides to do they must also make a plan to provide everything necessary to offer a tea, a brunch or a dinner? Someone must take responsibility to provide this plan. Jobs should be assigned to family members who are not mothers themselves. Each father or husband should play a role. Many men are excellent cooks and love to try new things. Other men are the barbeque experts. My own husband makes the best potato salad among other things. He can even do tea sandwiches, actually if a young adult or man can read directions, he or she can try their hand at all kinds of foods.

One job that could be assigned to a child would be to make deviled eggs out of hard boiled eggs. This may require a little help from dad but it is so worth the time to make a memory that is lasting. Remember that looking perfect is not the objective, doing something special for mom or grandmother is the aim here. Younger children can also set the table, put ice into glasses and place a flower by each mother’s plate.

Very important is to leave mom’s house sparkling when the day is over. Don’t let her touch a dish, run the sweeper or put away plates. Here again, the whole family can be involved. The children can carry plates to be washed or discarded if paper products were used. Another family member can shake out the tablecloth if one was used, spray spot remover on any spills and place in the washing machine. Run the sweeper and wipe all the counters clean, in short let mom take the whole day off and enjoy her family.