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A E-book Critique: The Calcium Lie II – What Your Doctor Continue to Would not Know

A E-book Critique: The Calcium Lie II – What Your Doctor Continue to Would not Know

In 2008, the authors published the to start with version, The Calcium Lie – What Your Medical doctor Doesn’t Know Could Kill You. Then in 2013, they up-to-date the data in The Calcium Lie – What Your Health care provider Nonetheless Won’t Know. In this evaluation we will glimpse at the revised edition.

Dr. Robert Thompson, MD who maintains a healthcare practice in Alaska, at a person time did not know what he lays out in this book. He, like most effectively-which means health specialists, addressed clients in accordance to what he had figured out in healthcare university for many decades. Kathleen Barnes, a wellbeing journalist and writer, life in North Carolina. Dr. Thompson states that Kathleen can help him communicate in phrases that his readers will fully grasp.

This reviewer has administered various home university assessments over the a long time in which the Standard Information portion of the instrument she makes use of includes a concern: “What mineral is most necessary to make bones hard?” Numerous have answered effectively, in accordance to what they have acquired and according to the evaluation tool, “Calcium.”

Our authors would have us bear in mind that the test that decides whether or not a individual has osteoporosis or its precursor, osteopenia is the dexa MINERAL bone scan examination. This name should really enable us keep in mind that bones are manufactured up of several minerals, one of which is calcium. By supplementing calcium by yourself, we in fact harden far more than our bones – calcification can occur in arteries, kidneys and other areas in our bodies. Dr. Thompson reminds us all through the book that “Calcium hardens concrete!”

Having absent into medicine with “altruistic” suggestions, Dr. Thompson had develop into disenchanted with his occupation, all set to give up. He reconsidered when in 1996 a peer-reviewed listing chose him as one particular of the “Greatest Medical professionals in The united states.” Encouraged, he resolved to go on to make a change.

Minerally Bankrupt (Chapter 1) – This foundational chapter states that bones consist of at least 12 minerals. “Extra calcium can result in:

• Kidney and gallstones
• Arterial plaque (and heart sickness)
• Bone spurs (joints / osteoarthritis)
• Calcium deposits in tissues other than bones
• Brain mobile dysfunction, brain shrinkage and dementia.” (p. 9)
• Cataracts
• Most cancers
• Diabetes
• Hypothyroidism
• Hypertension (p. 29)
• Weight problems (p. 39)
• Migraines (p. 43)

“As well a lot calcium results in the adrenal glands to be suppressed in order for the kidneys to hold on to the essential magnesium in an try to hold these two minerals in balance.” (p. 19)

Ahead of the invention of refrigeration, our forefathers employed sea or rock salt to protect food stuff. Our purely natural balance of minerals left with this adjust. “Due to the fact a mineral ‘footprint’ is passed from mother to kid, each generation has grow to be progressively a lot more deficient in these necessary minerals.” (p. 12)

To insert extra injury to our programs, when the use of iodine in making bread and canned products was exchanged with more affordable bromine, we commenced to see an raise in “thyroid disorder and most cancers, breast cysts, fibrous variations, cyclic tenderness and cancer, prostrate inflammation and most cancers, and ovarian hormonal dysfunction, ovarian cysts, endometriosis and ovarian cancer.” (p. 13)

Desk salt destroys health and the finest mineral complement is unrefined rock or sea salt. Dr. Thompson points out that the Hair Tissue Mineral Assessment (HMTA) gives the greatest attainable investigation of the mineral concentrations and guides the clinical practitioner in thoroughly supplementing. He suggests only Trace Minerals, Inc. for carrying out the exam.

Throughout the reserve, Dr. Thompson gives mini classes on biochemistry that all doctors research in clinical college. Surprisingly, most medical doctors have overlooked their biochemistry and continue to comply with the “Calcium Lie,” “The Calcium Fantasy” (chapter 2), and “The Vitamin Lie” (chapter 7).

Our authors devote chapters to the following health and fitness disorders and how they relate to calcium:

• Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and Calcium (chapter 3)
• Digestive Dilemmas: Poor Protein Digestion, Sodium Deficiency and Cell Membrane Dysfunction (chapter 4)
• Metabolic Failure How Excessive Calcium Will cause Bodyweight Achieve, Thyroid and Adrenal Malfunctions and Five Forms of Hypothyroidism (chapter 5)
• Women’s Issues: Pregnancy, Childbirth and Menopause (chapter 6)

Worry performs a key function in our heath. Thompson and Barnes tackle this challenge and its marriage to Calcium (chapter 8). They emphasize that “pressure administration need to be a common aspect of a wholesome everyday living type.” (p. 176)

In chapter 9, The Road Again to Overall health they give their audience the pursuing actions:

1. Drink pure water.
2. Choose ionic sea salt – derived health supplements.
3. Complete food items nutritional vitamins.
4. Important Fatty Acids
5. Take in uncooked nuts and/or seeds every day.
6. Eat higher high quality protein.
7. Get necessary monosaccharides. (p. 184-195)

The Calcium Lie II closes with chapter 10, “Health care provider to Health practitioner: An Impassioned Plea.” He encourages his visitors to duplicate this chapter and just take to their medical practitioners or better but to order a duplicate of the reserve for their doctors.

Dr. Thompson and Kathleen Barnes existing the facts powering their claims. Reading and pursuing their advice will improve our health and fitness.