May 22, 2024


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5 Things That Make A Dive With Sharks Safe

A dive with sharks is a very exciting experience and you have many places to choose from. Many people have been doing this for recreational activity and the longing for the experience itself. Going on a shark dive is a very challenging thing to do for it takes a lot of courage and determination. Sharks can be very intimidating and may sometimes make you think twice about jumping into the water with them. Often times carnage is made synonymous with sharks and this is a pure misconception. Here are 5 things that make a dive with sharks safe.

1. It is made certain that the locations where you can dive with sharks are suited for this recreational activity. The amount of risk in this activity is carefully studied by experts in the field to make sure that even non-divers can enjoy the beauty of the ocean and the magnificent sharks.

2. Instructors are certified and are experts in the activity. You will undergo pre-dive orientation which will tackle dive procedures, safety protocols and get familiarised with your gear. You will be able to learn and do the activity at your own comfortable pace. This process starts with getting you accustomed to breathing underwater from compressed air in a tank.

3. You will be diving in a controlled environment. Where your expert instructors have been a lot of times and have actually mastered the environmental factors that affect a dive with sharks. In addition, some shark dive outfitters have oceanarium tanks where you can dive, get familiarized and experience the beauty of sharks, rather than diving out in the ocean.

4. You will have diving gear that will protect you from scratches that may be caused by sea elements (definitely not by sharks). The gear will come with air tanks, a compass and a buoyancy device that will help you keep your position in deep waters.

5. You will undergo a thorough medical interview. Shark diving will primarily involve breathing underwater through air tanks which requires a lot of practice and effort. People with respiratory ailments are discouraged from engaging in the activity. Since being underwater will involve some pressure, people who have had head injuries, nasal and ear problems may not be physically ready to dive with sharks.

Outdoor adventures are inherently more dangerous than those done indoors. With these activities, participants and enthusiasts will sometimes be at odds with forces of nature that are unpredictable. Shark diving as with any other outdoor activity has risks which in turn can be minimized through learning, knowledge and respect for safety protocols and nature itself. Knowing all these aspects that make shark diving safe, you are now just a step away from an adventure of a lifetime. Book your shark dive getaway and experience first hand how it is to be one with these magnificent creatures.