April 23, 2024


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5 Strong Reasons Many People Will Remain POOR

Whether you like it or not, there are reasons why you are not richer than your present level. Why many people will remain poor or never become richer than their present level is because of the following facts:

1. Ignorance about financial intelligence:

It is financial education of financial intelligence that that sets you free from poverty or makes you richer. Whatever you don’t know is your master. You pay for everything you don’t know and you receive money for everything you know. If you do not know how to make, multiply and manage money, you may remain poor all the days of your life. You can never be richer than your knowledge – so seek for it.

2. Pride:

Some people are too big to make money. They are not humble enough to start collecting little salary. Some are too big to market and missing their way to millions. Some are too proud to attend seminars. Some are even too big to read books written by people younger than them. Be humble to to do anything right, so that wealth can flow in your direction.

3. Wrong belief system

The wrong believe system of some people make them to believe that wealthy people are lucky and that their own luck will surface one day. Some believe that they can be wealthy in one day. There are are a lot of wrong belief systems that keep people poor or less rich than they ought to be.

4. Lack of focus:

A person with a clear purpose will make progress on even the roughest road. A person with no purpose can make no progress on even the smoothest road. So, focus creates the future. If you fail to plan for wealth, it is equal to planning to remain poor or less rich.

5. Doubt:

The more you doubt the success of any adventure that will bring you wealth, the more you fail and become poor. The future of many people is dark because their present is full of fear. The fact is that a doubting mind can never succeed because it will never take actions or steps to create wealth. Barnish doubt and you will move towards the realization of your dream.