April 23, 2024


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4 Powerful Ways To Flirt – Body Language Tips

There is a widely held belief that men are the ones to always instigate flirting with women; however, in modern society women have the confidence and the independence to be just as likely to flirt with men. In fact, they are usually better at it because they have a natural ability to read a man’s body language signals. They will also use body language themselves as a way of flirting. Being able to read this body language will be the first step in flirting effectively with women.

She Will Get Herself Noticed

A woman can flirt in a variety of ways. The first thing she will have to do is get herself noticed, especially when out in a bar where there are many other females around. She might achieve this by dancing in a very sexy way. Another way would be to brush past you as she makes eye contact. The first stage of her flirting will only be complete when she has succeeded in getting you to approach her.

She Will Draw You To Her

Women can get men to approach them using body language even if they are just sitting at a bar or table. The main way a woman will do this will be to make eye contact with you when they find you attractive. She will also use her body to make herself appear open. She will sit up straight rather than slouching to show her interest. As in the previous example this will also allow her to be noticed more easily. Her body will be turned towards you to show off her attractiveness.

An Open Body Structure

It is very straightforward to read a woman’s body language signals when she is using her arms and legs These signals are best read in close proximity, so it is ideal if you have sat down beside her and started a conversation.

Put very simply, when a woman folds her arms she is closing herself off to you. This should not be the case if her previous body language has indicated that she is flirting with you. If her arms remain open as she talks then this is a good sign. If her legs are crossed this does not indicate a closing off in general, but instead can be a sign of flirting. If she repeatedly crosses and uncrosses her legs she is signalling an attraction, and she will undoubtedly have your attention.

Other Signs Of Flirting

There are several other signs to be aware of, as they are good indicators of a woman flirting with you. If she is looking into your eyes a lot then she is obviously more interested in you than in anything going on around her. Women can also flirt very effectively with their eyes just with certain looks they can give. If she is smiling a lot this is a good sign of her being relaxed, and if she plays with her hair then she subconsciously wanting you to find her attractive. She might lean in towards you as you talk, or even make an excuse to touch you. These are all very clear ways for her to flirt with you.

Women are experts in the art of body language, and often use it to their advantage when flirting. By learning the secrets of how they use it to flirt you will be in a much better position to read the signals they are giving off, and therefore to flirt back with them.