July 20, 2024


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3 Explosive Sex Positions For Guaranteed Orgasms – Make Her Quiver Now!

3 Explosive Sex Positions For Guaranteed Orgasms – Make Her Quiver Now!

1. Wheelbarrow – this one can be a little strenuous for both partners, but it’s excitement is well worth the effort. The woman will be facing the ground using her hands flat on the floor to hold her top part up. You will be responsible for holding her bottom part up. You will grab her thighs and hold onto them to hold her up into position to enter her from rear. You will be holding her thighs just like you would hold a wheelbarrow, hence the name. This position provides penetration and plenty of excitement.

2. Asian cowgirl – this one is cowgirl with the woman on top except with her standing and placing her feet flat on the bed or floor, whichever location you prefer. This does require some flexibility from the female partner. The man should help take some of the weight off by holding either her waist or under her behind. This provides very deep penetration and also provides leverage for very hard and aggressive thrusts.

3. Armchair – this is a creative position, thus a little more difficult. The man should sit up with his legs straight, while his partner will sit on top of him with the legs resting on his shoulders. The woman will be leaning backwards and placing her hands on the bed for support. Movements are limited but a good back-and-forth motion suits this position well.

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