July 20, 2024


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Keep America Strong – Buy American-Made Products

Keep America Strong – Buy American-Made Products

Every year, millions of manufacturing jobs are being lost in the United States. This not only means millions of families without income, it means a loss in the country’s ability to produce goods for its own use.

If the country is going to get back to the self-sufficient nation it once was not so long ago, then Americans need to step up and support American industry. It’s as simple as that. Buying cheap things made in China or Taiwan does not give me pride of ownership. Does it you? We can’t afford to lose the skills and technology that have made our country what it is.

We should buy American-made because:

1) Saves or create jobs for American citizens so they can support their families and the U.S. economy.
2) The money made by American companies stays in America, thereby supporting our economy at home.
3) Products made in American are held to safety standards not found in other countries so the products you buy are safer and usually more reliable.
4) Saves on energy. Products made in other countries must be imported on cargo ships. These ships travel thousands of miles using thousands of gallons of fuel.
5) Makes our country more self-sufficient. We need to maintain our manufacturing abilities and technology so we aren’t dependent on foreign countries for everything.
6) Gives us pride in ownership.

These are just a handful of reasons to buy American-made products. Can you think of others?

Some people get confused as to what products really are made in America and how to find them. The internet is a great source for locating American-made products. And be sure to check the label of any product before you buy. It’s not always possible to buy Made in the U.S.A., but each time you do you are helping your country.

Remember, when you have a choice, please buy American! Your purchase will keep money in the U.S. and support families and communities across the country.