June 17, 2024


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Has Your Boyfriend Ditched You For Another Woman? Here is How to Make Him Want You Back Again

Are you undergoing severe agony and trauma because your boyfriend has ditched you for another woman? You must be looking for ways and means of how to steal back your boyfriend from her. This is definitely possible but requires a lot of patience, perseverance and effort on your part. Before you go into all that trouble, consider if you are still in love with him and if he is worth it. If so, then here are a few tips –

Let go of your pride – Drop your pride and ill feelings towards the other woman your ex boyfriend is dating even though you may hurt a lot while doing so. Let go of the wounding feelings and concentrate on the task at hand.

Review your mistakes in the broken relationship – Be sure to make a list of all negatives you can think of in your behaviour that led to the fall of your relationship. This makes it easier for you to bring about a change in your personality that will make your boyfriend sit up and notice you.

Spruce up your appearance with a balanced diet and exercise – Sketch out concrete plans to spruce up your life and make changes for the better. Before contacting your ex boyfriend and trying to steal him back, improve your physical appearance as well as your attitude. Follow a balanced diet and do regular exercises to stimulate personal development and growth.

Apologise and establish friendship with your ex boyfriend – Be bold enough to drop your ego and apologize to your ex, especially if you are in the wrong. Then, maintain a constant contact with him to establish a comfortable friendship. This will eliminate any prevailing hard feelings.

Be gentle in your approach – Rather than being aggressive and pushy, wait with patience and be gentle in your approach as you try to steal back your boyfriend. Never criticise his current girlfriend even if your ex confides in you about any existing problems. Never give any advice but just listen to him as a confidant.

Gradually bring back old memories into your conversations – During your conversations with your ex boyfriend, constantly keep referring to those happy old dating days in your relationship. Try to infuse a lot of humour and good will into those anecdotes to make him start missing your company.

Tell him how much better you are for him than his present girlfriend – Without sounding offensive, gently introduce the idea that you both gel better with each other than what he does with his present girlfriend. With an improved and fresh appearance, you will surely attract his attention again and it is now easier to get steal back your boyfriend for good.